Tally Support Onsite and Remote

Tally Installation & implementation, Data synchronization, Data Migration or Splitting, Training or incidental support..You can count on us. Our engineer can attend queries onsite or remotely.

Tally AMC / Annual Support cover

A business continuity program for your organization from a team who knows Tally Best. You do your business peacefully while we take care of your software. Select a plan suitable to you.

Our Annual Service Contract provides you with the flexibility of having unlimited technical support through phone, email or personal visits, round the year. We can give you automatic reminders of updates and upgrades during the term of contract.

Tally Data Synchronization

Decide on architecture Type : Centralized / Decentralized / Hybrid, we will set it up for your Multi Location Organization. Sync Data periodically or directly enter data into Central Tally Server. You can rely on our services to have your Tally data from various locations synchronized with data in the main locations.

Tally ERP 9 Corporate Training

Corporate training programs for your staff to ensure use of Tally. ERP 9 to the fullest. A basket of training modules to choose from depending on your need & profile of the team.

Tally ERP 9 Customization

With the help of Parakram Infotec, you can customize your existing Tally software to work according to the specific requirements of your business. You can get customized reports, documents, data entry screen or make Tally work with other business applications.

Tally Integration

Changes in technologies are guaranteed; and business processes will also continue to evolve. This could result in the need to upkeep your solution. Tally. ERP 9 will keep pace with changes in technology and business processes. There are many hundreds of custom applications developed by ISV’s to cater to specific needs – right from SMS notifications to complete process management and control. Existing IT solutions can also be integrated with Tally.ERP 9 to deliver great value to your operational efficiency and reduce redundancy. Tally.ERP 9 can be linked to exchange information seamlessly either in online mode or in batch mode with other discrete applications and devices. For e.g., a sale entry or a summary of all daily sales made in a POS retail solution can be interfaced and pushed to Tally. ERP 9 as a sales transaction. At PARAKRAM, we provide you to link your preferred application to your Tally software and hence linking your existing software application for your convenience in handling business information system. We make sure that you continue using the current application and yet avoid the need to duplication of data entry in Tally software for accounts.Tally integration with other software has several possibilities and can build a highly collaborative system

Data Migration

Easy and efficient Data Migration – Parakram Infotec can help you in importing data from other software and also from older versions of Tally to the latest version thus removing your worry of having data on legacy systems. We can also export data from Tally to other software easily and efficiently.

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